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I am a Family, Child, Maternity, Lifestyle, Senior & Wedding Photographer


Welcome to my website, thanks so much for stopping by! 

      Discontent with my own "baby's" pictures, (Ava is now 14), I decided to pursue my love of photography. At first I started with just children, but as word of mouth spread, so did my clientele. Adam, my husband, and I decided it was time to turn this passion of mine into a career and thus my first studio was born!  

      So, thirteen years later, here I am.  I photograph all ages of people in all environments. My clients have always been and continue to be my first priority. THEIR HAPPINESS EQUALS MY HAPPINESS! Making a connection with my clients is what makes my photography special. During their sessions, these "clients" often become and stay my forever friends.

      My clients are often the creative force behind my camera. My youngest daughter Tinzley is 6 and her obsession with dinosaurs evolved into my Dino composites when she was 3. As Ava, my oldest entered Middle School I became intensely aware of the bullying epidemic at this crucial stage of development. Feeling a need to become part of the solution, my "BE" campaign was born. Helping young girls BE everything they can be will always be important to me. 

      My professional goal is always to capture your favorite moments and turn them into unique memories.

                                                                            NOTHING IS OUT OF THE BOX!


                                            Megan Miller 

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